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Sheryl Plouffe Media

Sheryl Plouffe

I cannot say enough about Victor and his ability to listen and understand the problem.


I can say it in my own language and explain the problem and he knows immediately what I'm talking about...He's an active listener.


He listens, he understands then he creates the marketing strategy...to solve the problem.”

CEO & Brand Architect of Americano

Charlie Poulson

“Victor turned the Facebook ad strategy lightbulbs on for Americano before we even started working together.


He took a complicated concept and patiently explained it in a way that was real and made sense for my own business.


One of the most important things is having our weekly momentum sessions—so that I could maintain and execute our goals and abide by a realistic timeline.


Without the accountability that Victor provided to us, we would still be at square one trying to self-teach the monster of Facebook ads.”

Generate Never Ending Leads

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  • Attract: Creating The Perfect Lead Generator is what initially brings people into your world.

  • Engage: Use our proven Customer Desire Formula to immediately engage new prospects and convert them into clients.

  • Elevate: For the slow buyers and skeptics, you need to keep elevating them using our Automated Content Strategy to convert them whenever they're ready.

  • Convert: Using frameworks to create 'Subtle Reminders' and 'Irresistible Offers' to help increase your conversions.

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